Mobile Apothecary


The Mobile Apothecary launched in 2019, a collaboration between Phytology, Rasheeqa Ahmad (aka Hedge Herbs) and a growing network of talented volunteers.

The Mobile Apothecary supports underserved communities in the locality with good-quality, homegrown and communally-made herbal remedies. The fresh products are currently distributed outside the Bethnal Green Tube Station on the first Sunday of each month – 7:30pm till 8:30pm.

We host monthly workshops where the public learn how to identify, harvest and process medicinal plants into effective home remedies. Each workshop produces a surplus of new stock for the Mobile Apothecary to distribute.

We believe

  • Healthcare, encompassing physical and psychological health, is a fundamental right that should be accessible to all people.
  • People have the right to basic knowledge and skills in herbal medicine and medicine-making.
  • Human health and planetary health are intertwined.

The Mobile Apothecary project facilitates

  • Habitat & local urban environment connection.
  • Collective ethical & sustainable growing, stewarding, and harvesting of plants.
  • The making of medicines for some of the most vulnerable people within the community, with local resources and local hands.

Collectively making herbal medicine strengthens bonds between people and local ecosystems.

For more information on the Mobile Apothecary please email

The Mobile Apothecary would like to thank ZEN (Zero Emission Network), Company Drinks, Liquidsun & Baldwins for their generous support.