Topophilia’ (From Greek topos “place” and -philia, “love of”) is a strong sense of place, which often becomes intrinsically interwoven with cultural identity. 

Climate expert, Nick Bridge, is in residence throughout 2019/20. Over the course of the residency Nick will host a series of personal, one-to-one conversations exploring climate change, environmental and social justice.

Mainstream discourse surrounding climate change and environmental shifts tend to catastrophise, or over-simplify, with terrifying facts often leaving the public feeling powerless or confused. This series takes a more free flowing, personal approach, encouraging deeper conversation with all the complexities, disparities and contradictions they encompass.

An archive of recorded conversations will feature a range of voices including community activists, scientists, artists, philosophers and policy makers. These conversations will be broadcasted in the Autumn of 2020.


Commissioned by Nomad Projects