George Chakravarthi

George Chakravarthi is a multidisciplinary artist who works with visual and live art using his body and image to explore the politics of identity. He also employs religious and spiritual iconography referencing his multi-faith upbringing, predominantly Hinduism and Catholicism. Chakravarthi will be artist in residence throughout 2022, part of the ‘We Speak In Tongues About The Thing(s) We Love’ project by Adelaide Bannerman.

‘I am looking forward to this residency and discover the various organisms on this precious piece of Earth. My imagination has already been lit by my brief visit and I can’t wait to immerse myself in this project!’

As a multi-disciplinary artist, he draws inspiration from a diverse range of cultures, histories and practices. Specific public sites and private spaces are integral to the work, as are autobiographical and collective social and visual histories. His own physical presence throughout the works has been vital in creating dialogues about the body as site, visibility, race and queer identities.

In recent years he’s begun to steer his work slowly in the direction of the ethereal, mystical and esoteric knowledge and ideas, particularly related to the body and the many arms of nature. Culture-specific rituals, sacred geometry and Yogas are explored in his ongoing photographic series, The Ambidextrous Universe, Sacred Portals, and The Ancestors.

Chakravarthi has also been exploring Indian spiritual and tribal practices as a tool to move away from form identity and towards the essence identity. His residency at Phytology instigates a new body of works,  AUM.



Commissioned by Nomad Projects.

Supported by Arts Council England.