Compost Mentis

Throughout 2018/19 we will be co-creating a range of new composting systems at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, including a wormery, thermal compost pile and a much needed accessible compost toilet.

Alongside this, we will be hosting a series of conversations and workshops to share practical skills and composting methods, as well as to explore urgent matters surrounding human-soil relations, compost politics and the future of shit.

“Justice needs to be fought on the level of matter and through close alliances between engaged groups of animals and plants, committed groups of humans and accessible material objects” (Dimitris Papadopoulos ‘Generation M. Matter, Makers, Microbiomes: Compost for Gaia’ 2014 p.42).

This project is delivered by Compost Mentis, a soil and alternative sanitation practice focused on bringing environmental and social justice into everyday urban spaces.

Co-designing the toilet

In order to capture and share some of the learning and design solutions that have come out of our co-design sessions, we’ve produced an online archive, here.

This blog brings together written reports by different authors, photographs, designs and recordings from our three co-design sessions, which took place in May and June 2018. The Co-design archive is a way of documenting the process we have gone through, as well as creating a resource for other groups hoping to do similar things.

If you’d like to volunteer as part of this project, give input on our design or get involved with the conversation, please write to Hari –

Supported by Goldsmiths & Veolia.