Daze Aghaji + Adelaide Bannerman Billboard pt.1

December 1st 2020, Phytology, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve

This billboard is the first of three hand-painted texts, part of a series of questions, observations and statements reflecting on this space, the environment and representation.

‘wecomewithourquestions’ was first initiated as an intergenerational conversation between climate activist Daze Aghaji and curator Adelaide Bannerman for the arts organisation PUBLICS in Helsinki, Finland (2019).

The questions presented on this billboard have come from recent conversations with local stakeholders, reflecting on the Nature Reserves’ current meaning and future role for surrounding local communities.

This series of billboards (and associated postcard interventions) have developed out of Bannerman’s 2020 residency at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve.

This large billboard hoarding hosts an evolving and eclectic series of artworks across the year. The billboard is intentionally incongruous within the overgrown site, aiming to challenge ideas of value and resilience of wildness within our urban ecosystem.


'wecomewithourquestions' by Daze Aghaji + Adelaide Bannerman