Let’s Get Lost

July 1st 2017, Phytology, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve

Come and join us for an evening of outdoor readings from contemporary writers & poets, including specially commissioned work exploring themes of urban wilderness.

Contributors include..

Music by Helen Bailey and Wiryjack

Kate Richards on Beginnings

Daphne Walker – city life with a country soul

Rym Kechacha – poem Baobab

Marika Thorogood – story Raw/Den

Ellie Doney – poems by Atwood, Heaney and Edip Cansever

Cath Walsh – poems on nature

Magda Knight – story – O Come Ye To Midsummer Boulevard

Music by Helen Bailey and wiryjack

Dizz Tate – wilderness prose

Sam Burns – poems to be revealed

Michael Carver – prose to be revealed

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