The Non-existent Gardener by Eduardo Padilha

June 30th 2022, Phytology, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve

The Non-existent Gardener by Eduardo Padilha

Eduardo Padilha has been researching and developing ideas as The Non-existent Gardener, – an alter ego inspired by the character Agilulf a medieval knight in Italo Calvino’s novel, The Non-existent Knight (1959). The book is an exploration of identity, migration, integration and manners, as observed through Agilulf whose physical presence is represented as an empty suit of amor.

The installation will be open to the public each Saturday:

2pm – 4pm, 7th May till 25th June

For the residency Padilha has created a series of new works installed in and around the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve. The artworks include raw clay sculptures, fabric eco-prints and large photographic images. The eco-prints feature botanical patterning from plants foraged on his journeys. The colourful pigments and patterning, rendered in Padilha’s artworks are exhibited upon the Nature Reserve billboard and throughout the woodland in Spring and Summer 2022.


Please contact for further details on the artist, installation or alternative visit times.