Ellie Doney

Ellie Doney

Of Lost & Found, 2017

During her residency, Ellie Doney has researched the material history of the site; an examination of the physical properties of disregarded things that have collected over the years, including rubbish, historical artefacts and animal material.

I have been looking at the material on site at Phytology as a stargazer in the city, searching for meaning, stories and imaginings – identifying rhythms and relationships, wondering if by looking hard at the constellations of our terrestrial stuff, we can make more sense of our surroundings and our lives.

Doney scrutinises discarded matter to assemble an insightful and playful portrait of human culture, blurring conventional taxonomies and value systems. Her found objects are accompanied with written observations, exploring what the material might communicate about the human unconscious.

Ellie is one of the co-founders of multidisciplinary materials Studio Manifold, and is currently a doctoral student at the Slade School of Fine Art and the Institute of Making, UCL.

Supported by Arts Council England

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