Adopt A Plant

Cultivating weeds may sound like an oxymoron but what is a weed anyway? The common definition is a plant in the wrong place.

A comprehensive seed nursery of medicinal ‘weeds’ has been established for members of the public to adopt and grow at home.

Adopt A Plant will officially re-commence in April 2017.

People will be able to adopt one of the following plant species:

Common Nettle 


Marsh Mallow


Ribwort Plantain

Adopt A Plant will provide a platform for individuals to develop a greater understanding of indigenous plants common to the streets of London and urban ecosystems across the country.

An information plant pack will be provided to all participants including a botanical illustration by Talya Baldwin and a detailed outline on how to grow the ‘adopted’ species. The guide will also outline the plants function in both phytotherapy and traditional medicine.

Please visit the Phytology site or email us if you would like to participate –


Phytology is a Nomad Projects commission
Supported by the Wellcome Trust and Grow Wild


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